Video Editing With Movie Maker

The Windows Movie Maker is already built into the PC, of ​​course, the Windows operating system. So even if you do not download any video editing software, which are already equipped with editing tools as well. When capturing video from your camera or camcorder when there is a special event, your videos are often parts of "garbage".

These unwanted portions should be removed if you want to create professional-quality video or movie in the comfort of your home. Home movies are often boring, because most of the materials that are not very interesting. Well, one way to create interesting videos by editing the raw footage with Movie Maker.

Novices often use the zoom during video capture. Your audience will feel dizzy, if you do a lot of capture in an attempt to minimize the use of this function to frame photos only. You're in luck because thanks to WMM, you can easily change the zoom to take extra materials.

When the shooting of a family member or a narrator, which is often part of video when they say "I am?", Or "what I mean now?" Do not worry because you can now easily take this part.

So how do you get rid of these junk shots?

When transferring video from a camcorder or other gadget to your computer, WMM will ask if you want to manually record the video, with this option, you can easily decide which parts should be transferred to your computer. F is also a way to save disk space. It is also possible to catch 100% of the video, but you'll rarely use this option, like home videos with lots of unwanted material.

When WMM, you can also cut the video. To do this, the screen timeline or preview. Find the exact location, which contains all the bullshit and cut. However, one must always be prepared, otherwise you can have a huge collection of clips that are very difficult to work.

Each video has its own depth. Pull the ends of the clips exactly the correct position for cutting the ends of clips.

With editing software such as WMM, it's really easy to get rid of all the junks. Even if you took a video of two hours, you can always reduce the size by editing and remove unwanted parts.

You can even add video effects to your home videos with WMM. You can not use all the effects simultaneously. You can adjust the brightness of the video. For example, if the video was taken inside, there are times where the video looks too dark. You can easily brighten the scene by adjusting the effects of light. Using sepia tone effects and gray, the color is automatically removed and the video will look old photo. For the effects of class, you can use de-saturate the effect. Flashback and dream sequence effect can be achieved.

If you want to create comedy movies or videos, you can use to speed up or slow down the effects. Not all effects are useful to select only the right not to exaggerate the effect, as production will not be realistic.

These are some things you can do this using WMM. Try it now and see what kind of videos you can create. Have fun.